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FOREO UFO: Beauty Tech Revolutionizes Face Masks!

UFO combines the best of beauty and technology for a spa-worthy facial treatment in just 90 seconds.

FOREO UFO: Beauty Tech Revolutionizes Face Masks in 90 Sec!

This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

Facial masks were last year’s biggest beauty trend, but is lying down for 20 minutes under cold, wet sheets of paper the best we can do for 2018?

Millions of women use facial masks daily to leave their skin softer, smoother and more radiant. But here at FOREO, our team was determined to show you there is a better way. Introducing UFO – the world’s most advanced smart mask – putting you on the fast track to flawless-looking skin and turning a 20-minute treatment into a 90-second treat.


UFO merges beauty and technology to ensure you get more out of every mask, with better facial coverage and deeper penetration of mask essence.


Featuring Hyper-Infusion Technology (heating + cooling + T-Sonic pulsations) & LED light therapy, UFO offers a professional-level treatment in the comfort of your own home.


App-controlled treatment routines activate essential ingredients in our exclusive Korean mask formulas, maximizing the benefits according to your skincare needs.

This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

Ah, the good-old-fashioned face mask. Part torture, part guilty pleasure but its hard to deny the flaws that so many of us put up with on a daily basis.


Take back your beauty routine with UFO, and get that just-masked glow in the morning, at night, or whenever you have 90 seconds to spare.


Hyper-Infusion Technology pushes premium Korean skincare formulas into the deepest layers of your skin and locks in moisture for better, longer-lasting results than the best sheet mask ever could.



With their one-size-fits-all approach, conventional face masks leave up to 20% of your face untouched. UFO effortlessly glides across every inch of your face.


Praying no one walks in on you while you look like a child’s crayon sketch of a wet ghost? No more.

Credit: Echad Ha’am 101

This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

What Makes UFO So Smart?

Not only does UFO address the core issues of facial masks – limited penetration, poor facial coverage, and the time spent using them – it also boasts different app-controlled treatment routines that use the latest professional beauty technologies to maximize results. Watch one of our in-house testers’ videos explaining how the App works!

By combining cooling, warming and T-Sonic pulsations with red, blue, and green LED light therapy across pre-set programmes, you get a relaxing, effective, professional-level spa treatment from the comfort of home!



In an industry-first for products of this kind, UFO is also equipped with full-spectrum LED light therapy – a painless, noninvasive skincare treatment renowned for its many benefits – particularly stimulating collagen and refining your complexion.

Smart Design in Every Sense

Not only does the UFO combine a full spectrum of professional level beauty treatments, it’s also:

  • 100% waterproof
  • USB-rechargeable
  • Made of medical grade silicone
  • Covered by 2-year manufacturer’s warranty 

Each FOREO mask is crafted consciously, with the purest ingredients, to include everything your skin loves and nothing it doesn’t. Exclusively formulated for UFO, they include the best of plant and fruit extracts, moisturizing active ingredients, concentrated botanical oils and natural flower water.


The UFO Make My Day treatment begins with 30 seconds of Thermo-Therapy and red LED light to prep the skin and open the pores. The next 30 seconds integrate T-Sonic pulsations into the treatment to heighten the absorption of the mask essence. The final 30 seconds switch to a green LED treatment and lower frequency pulsations, to even skin tone and add that radiant boost.



The UFO Call It A Night treatment begins with 30 seconds of higher-frequency T-Sonic pulsations combined with Thermo-Therapy and red LED light, to infuse the essence beneath the skin’s surface. T-Sonic pulsations then switch to a lower frequency, with the red LED light retained and Thermo-Therapy disabled, to focus on enhanced blood circulation and restoring skin’s elasticity



This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

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