Sheerly Genious: Indestructible Sheer Tights Made With Bulletproof Fibers

The strongest sheer tights in the world, Sheerly Genius tights are not only reusable – but tested up to 50 wears!

Indestructible Sheer Tights Made With Bulletproof Fibers

This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

Wearing sheers shouldn’t mean walking around with extra pairs, or clear nail polish. No one has time for that! After over a year of R&D, Sheerly Genius has created the strongest sheer tights in the world. Sheerly Genius tights are not only reusable – but tested up to 50 wears!

Our patent-pending design combines ballistic grade fibers (up to to 10 times stronger than steel), with a proprietary knit and manufacturing process. Our fibers are so strong they actually break traditional pantyhose machines so we’ve retrofit machines specifically to work for our product.

We know you need a product that can take you from morning through night, without sacrificing on comfort or style, so our sheers are not just strong but ultra light weight, and look and feel like regular sheers.

By backing Sheerly Genius you’re saying no to the over $8 billion in disposable pantyhose that are sold every year, and yes to pushing the limits of what’s possible in women’s fashion. You wouldn’t throw out your underwear after one wear – so why should you have to throw out your sheers? Join the revolution by supporting Sheerly Genius. Be the first to get your hands on indestructible sheers that will WOW you and all your friends.

Proudly designed and made in Canada and the US.

Sheerly Genius is a Y Combinator backed company, with manufacturing and design operations based between Mountain View, California and Toronto, Canada.  Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs with a background in manufacturing and textiles; this product delivers on its promises.

See this behind the scenes shot of our founder, Katherine Homuth, hanging from Sheerly Genius vs. a regular pair of sheers. Spoiler alert: the regular sheers do not hold up!


This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

Proprietary Fiber

We searched high and low to find a sheer fiber strong enough to produce a truly lifeproof pair of sheers. Unsatisfied with all of the options available in traditional apparel, we set out to produce the world’s first pair of sheers made using the same type of fiber used in bulletproof vests. Aka: some of the strongest fibers in the world.

Ridiculously Comfortable

Our sheers have been designed using a complex system of knitting techniques, ensuring a run-resistant pantyhose look, always. So your clear nail polish can stay in the clear. Our fibers are not only some of the strongest and most durable in the world, but they are also non-toxic, naturally anti-bacterial, and soft to the touch – making them ridiculously comfortable. These sheers are expertly crafted, with reinforced seams and an invisible waistband. They are designed to look great on any body type.

Patent Pending

Sheerly Genius sheers are patent pending and our manufacturing process is a trade secret. So if you’re thinking you’ll find something like Sheerly Genius at your local pharmacy, think again. #sorrynotsorry


This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

Back us now, and you will have the opportunity to select your size when we fulfill. If you don’t see your size here, we still want to make Sheerly Genius for you! Please back this project so we can grow as a company and make it possible to create the sizes you need. Please also write to us in the comments with your size preference!

Because smart woman do their homework. From wash and wear to wood snags, we’ve put our product to the test. Literally.

The velcro test: Velcro is no match for the sheer strength of Sheerly Genius

The stretch test: Stretched to the max, these pantyhose will hold up to anything.

The ring test: Your 24-karat diamonds won’t be a problem for Sheerly Genius.

The nail test: Our ultra-strong, patented fiber weave technology means your fresh mani or pedi won’t put a hole in your hose.

The pull test: Pull as hard as you can. You won’t rip these babies.


Every pair of Sheerly Genius come with their own mesh back laundry bag. It’s even cute enough to use as a clutch! Use the bag to store your tights and then throw them in the washing machine. No bleach, fabric softeners, no ironing. Just wash in cold water and hang to dry.

This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

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