Belle: The World’s 1st A.I. Doorbell that Recognizes and Speaks

Recognize, talk and instruct your visitors, live streaming and advanced motion alert at your front door 24/7, Alexa compatible.

Belle: World's 1st A.I. Doorbell that Recognizes and Speaks

This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

AI-powered Belle = AI Assistant + Doorbell + Security Camera

Meet Belle, the world’s 1st intelligent Wi-Fi doorbell that greets your visitors on your behalf and notifies you when you’re needed. Protecting your packages, waving off potential solicitors, and greeting your friends are only a few of Belle’s many talents. It’s like having a personal doorman for your family, except Belle stays on duty 24/7. Log on any time day or night to see what Belle sees and hear what Belle hears.

Belle can greet your visitors on holidays and open doors (need to work with compatible locks) for scheduled visitors without your presence. It creates a welcoming aura for the visitors by holiday greetings and it lets the visitors know what to do when you are not able to answer the ring.

  • Instruct the Package Man with Voice Interaction
  •  Recognize Your Frequent Visitors with Facial Recognition 

When the same person comes more than twice, Belle can recognize this person and have a more interpersonal conversation with him/her.

  • Greet Your Visitors on Holidays

Belle is equipped with the talent of greeting you on major holidays. If your Belle talks to your visitors on Valentine’s Day like this: “Wishing you and your Valentine a happy day today. Sorry, I’m off the market. I’ve been dating an iPhone 6 for a while now. Just kidding.” Imagine how surprised they will be!

  • Distribute Visiting Requests to Respective Family Members

Once understanding whom the visitors are looking for, Belle will distribute the visiting requests to the respective home member via Netvue mobile App for the most responsive reply.



This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

With our powerful Camera and App, live views, playbacks, and phone alerts are readily in your hands. You can access Netvue X – the artificial intelligence system in the App to enable/disable the AI functions of Belle.

  • Watch Your Door 24/7 From Your Phone or Echo Show with Live Streaming

Belle is like a magic window from where you can see everything taking place around your home. Its HD live streaming and infrared night vision show you the real-time views in front of your doors with clear and smooth videos days and nights.

 project video thumbnail

This is a demo video to show Belle is functioning well with the phone. There are some noises and echoes in this video since we have to place phone very close to Belle for video demo purpose that is rarely a scenario of real-world usage. 

  • Get the Accurate Notification with Advanced Motion Alert Settings

The motion alert keeps you informed promptly when something gets near to your door. Either a stray cat or a sketchy stranger, all will be captured under Belle’s complete surveillance. We’ve upgraded the motion alert to avoid frustrating false alerts. With Belle, you can customize motion detection zones and sensitivity to avoid false alerts like traffic on the street.

  • See Clear Details Even in Any Light with Dynamic Exposure

With Belle, you can get a clearer view by tapping the area in the live view, where Belle dynamically adjusts the exposure of the image for optimal image quality.

  • Monitor, Record and Playback Anytime with 24/7 Recording

Functional as a surveillance camera, Belle captures everything occurring ahead of your doors. For either the security purpose or the precious moments recorded, you can retrieve the footage from Netvue Cloud Service whenever you want and share the video clips on AWS to offer you top-level data privacy.

Other Benefits 

Work with Echo Show/Fire TV Designed as an Alexa compatible product, Belle can be commanded by Alexa. Just speak to Alexa, it would collect data from Belle and show you the front door view.

Super Useful Functions Even in Poor Internet Connection Belle was the first in the industry to support audio-only ring call so that you can answer your visitors easily when the Internet connection is not optimal. It also supports voice-to-text reply to visitors, saving you a lot of time and trouble.

Netvue Cloud

To ensure a safe, stable and quick data storage and access, Netvue Cloud is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) with reliable performance and global node distribution. With the free plan, you can use basic functions like live view, 2-way audio, instant alert and moment capture image storage, Netvue X (the AI assistant with facial recognition).

This product is being crowdfunded, check it out!

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